new symptoms are they OT

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new symptoms are they OT

Post by gayelainehansen »

I have had OT for over 27 years. I was diagnosed in 2004. Prior to that all the Drs. I saw couldn't tell me what I had. It was mild and livable for the first 10 years. It slowly got worse each year. In the last year I have strange symptoms and wonder if it is OT related or something else. I have no doctor where I live that knows anything about OT except what they read on the internet.
My question is this. I have it seems, like neuropathy in my feet. They feel like I am walking on rocks and are swollen but not. Most shoes make it worse. My legs if I walk hurt and feel like they are going to give out on me so I don't dare walk. I get severe pain in my lower back that can last for 3-4 weeks. Sometimes only a week. Most of this goes away when I sit down or lie down. But, it is very hard to get up and to walk after sitting for over 15 mins. I have seen so many Drs. that say I have mild this or that. Nothing is conclusive. I am so fatigued all the time that if I walk only a very short length I pant and my blood pressure goes way up. I can't exercise because it brings on the pain or makes what is already there hurt more. In the last month I have had to go to using a wheel chair to get around even in the house. Leaning on something doesn't help any more. I have all the problems of OT that other people talk about, but my question is- are these other problems related to OT also.
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Re: new symptoms are they OT

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I am so sad to hear of what is going on with you. I hope others on this website will jump in to advise. I have had OT for about a year now but I do notice when I get up in middle of night, often I don’t have feeling in the bottom of my feet, it is like I can only feel the edges of my feet. I do not have pain. I usually feel fatigued and that comes with OT, our bodies are on overload with tremors. My blood pressure measures higher after standing because of tremors. I have learned the tremors are there when walking. I don’t feel tremors when walking but there are times I am exhausted after 15 minutes of walking. Mayo measured my tremors and they are at 15-16 hz when walking or standing.
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