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By Peter
I refer to the question about oxygen treatment for OT.
I havebeen in touch with the gentleman concerned who is British but lives in Spain.
He was prescribed a machine 'to help his breathing' as he has a chest complaint, and it appears incidental that it has helped his OT - see what he wrote below:

"I did not get my oxygen from my neurologist I got it from my nuemoligist who was treating me for chest complaint and it’s prescribed for my ‘ well being ‘ after both drs saw how it helped my Ot
I don’t have tank I have a machine that sucks in air and filters it out into 98% pure which I take through nose and the machine is noisy so I sleep in separate room . I don’t take any other meds for it and if I sleep with it that gives me most of the day relief Stand in shower etc"

It might be a great idea if pure oxygen could be prescribed, but the noise of the existing machine, and the necessity to sleep in a different room, would certainly put me off...... but it's an idea worth pursuing in more detail.
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